Why Bicycle Tours are the Best Way to Experience Maine

Maine, known as the Pine Tree State, offers an enticing blend of natural beauty, charming coastal towns, curious history, and mouth-watering local food. 

Yet to truly experience the essence of this diverse state, one must immerse oneself in its environment, culture, and rhythm of life. 

There are several ways to achieve this, each with its own pros and cons, but one approach stands out for its simplicity, authenticity, and the intimate connection it fosters: Touring the state by bike.
Join us as we explore how a bike tour is the best way to see the beautiful state of Maine. And while you are with us, check out our Cycling Day Trips from Portland, Maine and Multi-Day Cycling Tours of Maine

Biking through the forests of Maine

Enjoy Your Maine Adventure at Your Own Pace

What sets a bike tour apart from traditional forms of travel is its unparalleled freedom and flexibility. This is not a rushed journey, herded on and off buses or confined to the tight schedule of a guided tour. On a bike, you set your own pace. 

Feel like lingering over a picturesque seascape? No problem. Fascinated by a local craft shop or an impromptu street performance? You’re free to pause and immerse yourself in these spontaneous moments of discovery.

Biking allows you to explore the picturesque backroads of Maine, revealing lesser-known, serene landscapes that most tourists never see. This slow travel aspect offers a profound connection with the land, granting you the time to appreciate Maine’s quiet beauty fully.

Summer Feet’s Self-Guided Cycling Tours in Maine provide travelers with all the freedom they could want while taking care of the planning, such as securing fabulous accommodations so you can relax after a satisfying day of exploration. 

Getting Close to Nature

Maine’s landscape offers a rich tapestry of natural attractions. The rugged coastline of Acadia National Park, the tranquil forests and lakes of inland Maine, the towering peaks of the Appalachian Trail, and the wildlife-rich marshes are just a few highlights. Bike touring provides a front-row seat to these wonders, allowing you to experience the state’s geography intimately and sustainably.

As you pedal along, you can enjoy the sounds of chirping birds, the fragrance of blooming wildflowers, and the gentle rustle of leaves under your wheels – experiences that simply aren’t accessible in a car or bus. 

With bike tours, every ride turns into an eco-friendly journey that encourages you to leave a soft footprint, preserving Maine’s natural treasures for future generations.

Being close to nature has been scientifically proven to boost mental health and overall well-being. On a bike, you can immerse yourself in these therapeutic landscapes, taking breaks as you wish to soak in the views, picnic by a stream, or simply enjoy the tranquil solitude.
Are you in need of the rejuvenating effects of time spent in majestic natural surroundings? Our Maine’s Gold Coast Tour showcases some of the best natural sites that Maine has to offer as we journey from Portland, Maine, into the heart of the Acadia National Park.

Physical Health and Well-being

While scenic beauty and cultural immersion are primary draws, the health benefits associated with bike touring cannot be overlooked. 

Pedaling around Maine provides an immersive experience and an excellent cardiovascular workout suitable for all fitness levels.

In our modern world, where many of us lead sedentary lifestyles, the opportunity to exercise while vacationing is a refreshing change. Cycling can help boost stamina, improve balance, and contribute to weight management. 

Beyond the physical benefits, bike touring is also mentally rewarding. The repetitive, rhythmic activity of pedaling promotes a sense of calm and focus, while the sense of accomplishment at the end of a day’s journey fosters self-esteem and positivity.

Looking over at Cape Island from Cape Habor with the sky illuminated by a beautiful sunset.

Exploring Maine’s Coastal Towns

Picture Maine and you’ll probably bring to mind images of quaint coastal villages and lighthouses – Maine’s coastal towns offer a winning blend of history, culture, and calming nautical vibes. Biking through these towns provides an opportunity to explore their unique character.

For instance, Portland, Maine’s largest city, beckons with its vibrant waterfront, arts scene, and architectural beauty. Its streets are ideal for leisurely cycling, allowing you to explore the historic Old Port district or enjoy the breathtaking views along the Eastern Promenade. (We have a wide selection of Cycling Day Tours in Portland to help you get to know this fabulous city.)

Further up the coast, the towns of Camden and Bar Harbor offer their own delights. Camden, often called the “Jewel of the Coast,” charms visitors with its scenic harbor park and exquisite 19th-century architecture. Bar Harbor, the gateway to Acadia National Park, combines outdoor adventures with a quaint downtown area full of local shops and eateries.

Biking from one town to another allows you to fully appreciate the changing landscapes, from busy harbors to serene beaches, from bustling downtown streets to tranquil coastal trails.

One of Maine's many lighthouses on a picturesque summers day

Navigating the Maine Lighthouse Route by Bike

Maine’s coastline is dotted with more than 60 historical lighthouses, each with a unique story and charm. 

A popular bike touring route in Maine is the iconic Maine Lighthouse Route, a journey that takes you past some of the state’s most beautiful and historic lighthouses.

Starting in the vibrant town of Kittery and winding northward to the bold cliffs of Lubec, this route presents opportunities to marvel at architectural gems like the Portland Head Light, Pemaquid Point Light, and the West Quoddy Head Light, the easternmost lighthouse in the United States.

The Maine Lighthouse Route isn’t just about the lighthouses, though. It traverses picturesque coastal roads, historic downtowns, and verdant parks. Each turn brings a new scene to appreciate and enjoy. The flexibility of biking allows you to pause and take in these sights, whether it’s a lighthouse tour, a meal at a cozy coastal restaurant, or simply a quiet moment on a hidden beach.

If you’d like to explore the beautiful lighthouses found near Portland, Maine, consider joining us for our guided 5 Lighthouse Cycling Tour

An Accessible Adventure for Everyone

Bike tours in Maine are not exclusive to expert bikers or fitness enthusiasts. They are designed to be accessible to everyone. There are diverse tour options to suit different ages, interests, and abilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the magic of Maine at their own pace.

For those new to bike touring or less confident in navigating on their own, guided tours can be an excellent option. These tours offer the benefit of knowledgeable guides who can share insights about the areas you’re exploring and provide support and peace of mind during your journey.

For families, there are also specially designed tours, with shorter distances and plenty of enjoyable stops, from picnic areas to points of interest. Moreover, the rise of e-bikes has made bike touring more accessible to those concerned about physical demands. 

These electric bicycles offer pedal assistance, making tackling hilly terrains or longer distances easier. No matter your age or fitness level, a bike tour in Maine is a perfect match for you. It’s all about exploring the beautiful Pine Tree State at your own pace and creating unforgettable memories.

Browse our entire selection of Multi-Day Bike Tours in Maine to discover the perfect tour for you. 

(Source: Bissell Brothers, Portland, Maine)

Culinary Experiences on a Maine Bicycle Tour

No tour of Maine would be complete without indulging in the state’s delectable culinary offerings. As you pedal your way across this beautiful region, you will discover an array of gastronomic delights that capture the essence of Maine’s food culture.

The undisputed star of the state’s cuisine is the Maine lobster. Whether served fresh and whole or in the form of a sumptuously filled lobster roll, the experience of tasting Maine lobster, especially by the water, is not to be missed. Lobster shacks are dotted across the coastline, each offering its unique take on the lobster roll, whether served cold with mayo or warm with butter.

Alongside lobster, Maine is known for other seafood delicacies such as clams, scallops, and fish straight from the Atlantic. Not to forget the wild blueberries that the state is famous for. They are a delightful treat to savor alone or in pies, pancakes, and jams.

While the food in Maine is worth the journey alone, the local craft beer scene is another treat for the senses. Maine’s breweries have been making a mark on the national scene, and a post-ride craft beer can be a perfect way to end your day. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and fruity ales, there’s a brew to quench any thirst.

If you’d like to try some of Maine’s iconic flavors, consider taking Summer Feet’s Lobster Roll Bike Tour or Bike and Brews Tour

Unmissable Maine Bicycle Tours with Summer Feet…

Bike touring through Maine is more than just a vacation; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in a rich, diverse environment and take the time to appreciate everything this fantastic state has to offer. 

Biking tours offer a unique and enriching perspective of Maine, from the leisurely pace that allows you to savor the breathtaking landscapes to the intimate connections you form with the local communities, natural wonders, and culinary delights.

Begin planning your dream Maine cycling adventure today! If you have any questions, get in touch

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