Top 6 Walking Trails in Maine as Recommended by Locals

With its wonderful springs, summers, and falls, Maine is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

At Summer Feet, we have a genuine passion for Maine Walking Tours, and we love sharing this with anyone looking to explore the place we call home.

We have spent countless hours hiking and cycling through this beautiful state, so we’re perfectly placed to recommend its best walking trails — so that’s exactly what we’ve done!

Maine is blessed with a huge number of incredible walks, so the choices we’ve made are more of an introduction than an exhaustive list!

Keep scrolling down to find out our tips. And if you have any questions about our walking or bike tours in Maine, please feel free to get in touch.

Discover Portland’s Historic West End and Portland Head Light

Our first walking trail takes us through the streets of Portland’s historic West End neighborhood.

Established in 1650, this is a city rich in charm and tradition — and this is best showcased in West End.

Once described as “one of the best preserved Victorian neighborhoods in the country”, West End is a joy to explore on foot.

You can take in the gorgeous architecture before heading to the Western Promenade, a picturesque park overlooking southwest Maine’s forests and small settlements, as well as the White Mountains beyond.

Leaving West End, head southeast to Portland Head Light, a late-eighteenth-century lighthouse looking out over the North Atlantic Ocean.

The walk along the coastline here is beautiful, and the lighthouse is a sight to behold. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

For even more travel inspiration, read through our tips for the best things to do in Portland, Maine.


Soak Up Coastal Maine in Freeport and Wolfe’s Neck State Park

The town of Freeport and the nearby Wolfe’s Neck State Park are great places to enjoy a leisurely stroll. Freeport is known as the home of L.L. Bean, so it’s a great place for a spot of shopping. 

But there’s more to Freeport than retail therapy. It’s an ideal place to experience a quintessential Coastal Maine adventure.

And with trails through calming woodland and along the winding coastline, Wolfe’s Neck State Park is the perfect example. One moment you will be enjoying a peaceful walk under the shade of towering trees, and the next you’ll be marveling at incredible rock formations and endless ocean views.

This walk is perfect for nature lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of Maine’s coastline, which is why we have included it on our History and Harbors Tour.

Scale the Heights of Camden Hill State Park and Head to Castine

If you’re looking for some of the most incredible views in Maine, this walk is for you! Camden Hill State Park sits immediately north of Camden and overlooks Penobscot Bay. A hike to the summit of Mt Battie offers spectacular 360-degree views.

The sweeping panorama includes Megunitcook Lake on one side, with Penobscot Bay and the Maine coast, stretching out to Acadia National Park, on the other.  From here, the charming coastal town of Castine is only a short drive away and is well worth the visit.

Aside from its picture-perfect, old-town appearance, Castine has the distinction of having flown the flags of four nations during its storied history.

This one-day adventure is perfect for those who love to combine nature and culture. It’s also another fixture on the itinerary of our History and Harbors Tour in Maine.

Cadillac Mountain

No trip to Maine is complete without a visit to Acadia National Park. And within this natural haven, Cadillac Mountain is a must-see. 

This is the highest point on this part of the Eastern Seaboard, so it has the distinction of being the first place in the US to see the sunrise. It’s no surprise, then, that the views from the top of this 1,530-foot peak are breathtaking. An early morning adventure for the sunrise is a truly magical experience.

Hiking up Cadillac Mountain can be hard going for some, so a combination of walking and vehicle transfer is ideal.

On our The Whites and the Water Tour in Maine, we provide a shuttle to the summit in time for sunrise before enjoying the easier hike back down again. Similarly, on the History and Harbors Tour, we transfer you most of the way up the mountain, allowing you to hike the last mile to the peak.

Sargent and Penobscot Mountains in Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the best places to hike in Maine, so there’s even more to explore besides Cadillac Mountain.

Another favorite of ours is the twin-peak challenge of the Sargent and Penobscot mountains. Sargent Mountain stands at 1,373 feet, while Penobscot Mountain is 1,194 feet high. This makes them the second and fifth tallest points in Acadia National park, respectively. These two peaks stand relatively close to each other, and when hiking both you pass between them on a ridgeline that offers stunning views of the park and the ocean.

If you prefer exploring on two wheels, check out our Guide to Cycling in Acadia National Park.


Appalachian Trail and Table Rock

Maine is one of 14 states through which the world-famous Appalachian Trail (AT) passes on its 2,200-mile journey.

For many outdoor enthusiasts, hiking a section of this iconic route is a bucket list activity. The AT enters western Maine and extends through to Mount Katahdin, so there are plenty of sections to choose from. Having completed countless hikes throughout Maine, our favorite spot is in the west of the state, around Table Rock.

We take on a 7-mile hike covering some of our state’s most amazing scenery, from ponds to summits. If you’re feeling up to it, you can also climb to the summit of Table Rock for some of the most awe-inspiring views in Western Maine.

The hike is challenging, but the reward is well worth it. This walk is perfect for those who want to test their hiking abilities and experience the wonders of Maine’s backcountry.

Is hiking part of the Appalachian Trail on your bucket list? This walk is part of our The Whites and the Water Tour in Maine, so you can tick it off as part of a wider adventure!

Our Maine Walking Tours

We hope we’ve inspired you to start planning your adventure in the Pine Tree State. 

And remember, the above recommendations are only an introduction to the many opportunities waiting for you!

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