Through the Seasons: The Changing Landscapes of New England

Explore the diverse cycling possibilities that await you in Maine and across New England with Summer Feet Cycling.

New England is a place where every season paints a unique picture. From the tranquility of winter to the fresh blossoms of spring, each season comes with its own rewarding qualities for cyclists and walkers. 

We hope the following blog offers you plenty of inspiration for your travels in New England. Be sure to check out our Maine Bicycle Tours and Maine Walking Tours before you go. 

Spring in New England 

Maine’s landscapes awaken from their winter sleep with the arrival of spring, wildflowers dot the fields and the sounds of birds and insects returns to the air. In the heart of Portland, the Portland Maine Farmers Market serves up an arrayof scents, colors, and tasty foods waiting for you to sample. Here, local farmers and artisans proudly display fresh produce and crafts – it’s the perfect celebration of Maine’s bountiful spring.

For those craving a more rugged encounter with spring, the Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land awaits. Known for its dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views of the Atlantic, this landscape is a hiker’s dream. As you traverse the coastal trails, the ocean’s sounds accompany your journey, and the fresh breeze carries the earthy scent of pine.

While our own walking tours don’t begin until the end of the spring season, our The Whites and the Water 7-Day Hike in New England is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors with experienced tour leaders.  Tour highlights include the Presidential Range of New Hampshire, the Acadia National Park, and climbing Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise. 

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Summer Splendor in Maine and New England

Summer in Maine is a wonderful period of long, sunlit days and breezy coastal nights. Portland comes alive – we recommend taking in the lively summer atmosphere with a delicious lobster roll in hand (Learn more about this local delicacy with our 5 Best Lobster Rolls in Maine blog). 

After indulging your taste buds, embark on a journey along the Eastern Trail, South Maine’s green way. This scenic cycling and hiking route winds its way through lush green landscapes and charming coastal towns, offering breathtaking views and a gentle sea breeze to cool your sun-kissed skin.

But Maine’s summer isn’t just about peaceful landscapes. From the lively beats at a local music festival to the colorful stalls at a craft fair, the region buzzes with activity. As each summer day fades, the golden sunset reflects on the calm waters, promising another day of adventure up ahead.

Why not enjoy local lobster rolls and a relaxed cycle with our Lobster and E-Bike Cycling Day Tour? Or, if you’d like to embark on a longer cycle during the summer, consider booking a place on one of our Multi-Day Cycling Trips in Maine – we have both guided and self-guided options to suit every level of cyclist. 

Fall Adventures in New England

When autumn unfurls its colors, New England becomes an enchanting patchwork of red, orange, and gold – the fall scenery is something New England is famous for internationally. 

As the leaves transform, the Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway beckons. Whether you’re driving through the winding roads or hiking the trails, each turn offers a new landscape ablaze with fall’s fiery hues.

Our 6-Day Maine’s Gold Coast Tour is an idyllic Maine bike tour, that really showcases the best of the state’s natural environment. Cycle through charming fishing villages and along the stunning coastline. This six-day adventure includes kayaking seas that are home to majestic seals and dolphins, sailing on a classic wooden schooner, and savoring the fresh flavors of local seafood. With guided explorations of Acadia National Park and ample time to soak in the natural beauty at your own pace, this tour is a perfect blend of activity, relaxation, and indulgence in Maine’s unique allure.

If, however, you are tighter for time, you can join us on one of our Cycling Day Trips in Portland, Maine

Winter Wonderland: The Snowy Season in Maine

As the first snowflakes grace the landscape, Maine transforms into a tranquil winter wonderland. Imagine the hush of snow-draped forests and the chill, fresh winter air. In Portland, the ice glistens at the Thompson’s Point ice rink, inviting you to lace up your skates. 

After festive time spent outdoors, we recommend you warm up with a steaming cup of cocoa or a locally roasted coffee in a cozy Portland café.

Venture outside the city to Acadia National Park, where the snow blankets the ground, creating the ideal place for the revitalization that only nature can provide. Try snowshoeing and really get to know the peaceful, pristine terrain. Each step reveals stunning vistas of the coastline and forests, veiled in winter’s gentle embrace. 

(While we don’t organize our own winter tours in Acadia National Park, we do run an Acadia National Park Hiking Trip between May and October.)

In every season, Maine weaves a story of beauty and adventure. Embrace each chapter, from the serene snows of winter to the vibrant hues of autumn, and discover your story in Maine.

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