Canada Bike Tours With Summer Feet Cycling

At Summer Feet, our Canada bicycle tours explore two of Canada’s best-loved provinces:Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Discover the Wonders of Canada with Summer Feet’s Cycling Tours

Bicycle tours offer a perfect blend of group activities and opportunities for individual exploration. When you join a Summer Feet tour, you can choose to stay with the group or venture out independently.

Experience Nova Scotia’s Natural Beauty

On our Nova Scotia tour, uncover the marvels of the Bay of Fundy along the Atlantic coast, where you’ll encounter extraordinary marine wildlife, including whales.

Unforgettable Canadian Cycling Adventures

Our Quebec cycling holiday introduces you to the European charm of Quebec City and the awe-inspiring countryside of the St. Lawrence River Valley.

Whether you opt for cycling in Quebec or biking in Nova Scotia, you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive trip tailored to cyclists of all skill levels, offering a truly unique Canadian cycling experience.

Pedal at your own pace, and rely on our support van to provide a ride whenever you need a break. With Summer Feet’s flexible bike tours, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you desire.

As one delighted couple put it, “We love how you found the back roads!”

This is what sets Summer Feet apart: we take you off the beaten path and unveil hidden gems in these Canadian provinces that few others have the chance to see.


Experience the Charm of Quebec and the Beauty of Nova Scotia on Our Cycling Tours

Discover the Allure of Quebec, La Belle Province…

Quebec is one of our most cherished destinations, boasting a perfect blend of rich culture, delectable cuisine, and warm-hearted people. It is an ideal setting for an unforgettable bike tour.

Our Quebec Bike Tour takes you through the picturesque countryside of the St. Lawrence River Valley and the historic city of Quebec, immersing you in the region’s unique charm.

Uncover the Wonders of Nova Scotia by Bike

Cycling in the untamed beauty of Nova Scotia is a rejuvenating experience. Traverse through lush farmlands and tranquil coastal villages, and delight in scenic coastal trails, majestic lighthouses, and extraordinary natural landscapes.

Explore the remarkable ecology and geology of this region. With the highest tides and some of the finest seafood in the world, our Nova Scotia Cycling Trip will leave you in awe of the incredible experiences this area has to offer.

Don’t miss out on these captivating Canadian cycling adventures!

La Belle Campagne

La Belle Campagne: A Quebec Bike Tour

This tour will lead you through historic villages sampling fine country cuisine along the way and introduce you to a Quebec you may never have seen before.

An Acadian Adventure: An Unmissable Nova Scotia Bike Tour

Your Nova Scotia bicycle tour will take you to the local level so you can fully experience this unique Canadian province.
Cape Breton Highlands

The Cabot Trail: A Nova Scotia Bicycle Tour

Experience Coastal Riding and Celtic culture with The Cabot Trail bicycle tour, the quintessential Nova Scotia cycling loop.

Customize Your Experience

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