The Magic of Maine at Your Pace

Are you a confident, independent cyclist who’s always wanted to explore the coastal beauty of New England? Our Self-Guided Maine Biking Trips offer extraordinary itineraries shaped by our extensive experience but leave you in complete control.

On a Summer Feet self-guided tour, you can start any Sunday that suits you. We will arrange all your lodging, provide you detailed route notes and maps, move your luggage from inn to inn, take you from Portland, Maine, to the start of your tour, and return you to Portland Maine at the end of your trip.

Each day you will enjoy a hearty breakfast at your inn before you embark on your adventure. And with Summer Feet, you can choose from a gravel bike, hybrid bike, or e-bike – the choice is yours.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable Maine adventure? Pick the Self-Guided Cycling Trip that’s right for you and book your place today! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Highlights From Our Self-Guided Tours

Discover Penobscot Bay

Penobscot Bay is one of the richest fishing grounds in the world, producing more of the famous Maine Lobster than any other body of water. During your six-day multi-sport adventure, you will bike, hike, and kayak in and around the Bay.

From Pemaquid Point, the center of pre-colonial commerce in the new world, To the rugged beauty of Monhegan Island and the charming towns of Rockland and Camden, You will enjoy fabulous cycling, stunning views, and a bounty of fresh food.

Don’t miss our Self-Guided Penobscot Bay Tour.

Pedal the Coast Self-Guided

The coast of Maine offers impressive diversity as it travels almost 400 hundred miles from Kittery to the Canadian border.

Cycle the best of the Maine Coast during this seven-day inn-to-inn bike tour. From the quiet beauty of Pemaquid Point, you travel up the coast cycling the east and west shores of Penobscot Bay, along Blue Hill Bay, and finish with a victory lap through Acadia National Park.

Our Pedal the Coast Self-Guided Tour showcases the world-famous beauty of Maine’s iconic coastlines.

What Makes the Gold Coast Unique

Maine’s Gold Coast is Summer Feet’s idea of the perfect route to enjoy some of the most extraordinary scenery in Maine. Explore the Schoodic Peninsula and two of the most idyllic islands you’ll ever find, Islesboro and Mount Desert Island (home of the Acadia National Park).

The Gold Coast stretches from Portland, Maine, all the way to the Schoodic Peninsula, taking in countless treasures along the way. Whether you’re looking for fantastic scenery to photograph, delicious freshly caught seafood, or quiet regions for escaping on your bicycle, the Gold Coast region of Maine has it all.

We’re biased, of course, but our favorite way to get the most out of the area is by exploring on a bike. Traveling by bike allows you to cover sweeps of the outstanding countryside, stopping where you please.

If you’re interested in sailing or kayaking, the Gold Coast will provide plenty of chances to enjoy these pursuits – the Gold Coast is the ideal place for an adventure.

Ready to Begin An Adventure?

If you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable New England adventure, head to our Self-Guided Tours page or Maine’s Gold Coast Tour page and book your spot today.

If you feel you need a tour option that is completely customized to your needs, contact us through our Private Maine Tours option. With our private option, we can craft unique itineraries for your group.

Meanwhile, you can explore our full selection of tours on our website if you’re seeking to book a shorter tour option.

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