Maine’s 5 Best Lobster Rolls

Maine’s 5 Best Lobster Rolls

a tray full of lobster rolls

Looking for the Best Lobster Roll in Maine? Look no further here are 5 great places from our lifetime of living and working on the coast of Maine. The warm winter means that it will be an early start to the lobster season here in Maine. For anyone looking to try one or 12 Maine Lobster Rolls this summer, here are 5 places that we love.

Bite into Maine

Our good friends and partners for our 5 Lighthouse Tour, Carl and Sarah make wonderful lobster rolls from a food truck in Fort Williams park with views of Portland Head Light. They offer 5 different styles of lobster rolls. Maine-with mayo on a grilled bun, Connecticut-with butter on a grilled bun, Picnic-with butter and coleslaw on a grilled bun and chipolte and wasabi flavored. 

The Trevett Store 

Located just west of Boothbay, the Trevett store offers a true lobster roll in an idyllic setting. This little general store with a lunch counter knows how to make a lobster roll. In addition to a great lobster roll with a view,  you may get to experience the swing bridge.  A swing bridge is a bridge that pivots on a central piling to allow boat traffic through.  What makes the Trevett bridge unique is that is manually operated. Anytime a boat needs to pass through the bridge keeper comes out with a metal pole, inserts it into the bridge and walks in a circle until the bridge gains enough momentum to swing open.


Osiers Warf  

Located at the gut where Route 129 crosses onto Rutherford Island, Osiers is another corner store with a killer lobster roll.   For non-shellfish eaters, the fish and chips are freshly made and a delicious bargin. After your lobster roll, hop over to Coveside for a beer on the deck and one of the best views in Maine.

The Contented Sole

Run by the same folks who own the the elegant Bradley Inn, the sole sits in one of the most historic spots in Maine, the site of Fort William Henry a colonial era fort once over run by indians in one of the French and Indian Wars. Enjoy your lobster roll overlooking tranquil Pemaquid Harbor and then visit the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse for wonderful views of the open ocean.

Bagaduce Lunch

Tucked away in scenic Penobscot, Maine, Bagaduce  Lunch offers a great lobster roll and many other things.  If you make the trip be sure to visit the Blue Hill reversing falls and spend some time exploring the wonderful Blue Hill Peninsula, which offers some of my favorite cycling in the state.